About us

HuveNutra® together with their Joint Venture partner Huvepharma® specialise in the manufacture, extraction and processing of microalgae for nutraceutical ingredients such as omega 3 DHA / EPA lipids, protein, EPS (exopolysaccharides), ARA (arachidonic acid).

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities based in Europe have a total fermentation capacity of over 10,000 m3 and employ the most up-to-date manufacturing process.  While being one of the largest fermentation facilities in the world, it still maintains a lower carbon footprint by utilising waste to energy.


In-house manufacturing capabilities

Huvepharma’s key strengths lies in large scale fermentation and technical expertise developed over more than half a century at our European manufacturing sites.

With the Joint Venture partnership, HuveNutra brings expertise in micro-organisms in order to produce ultra-high quality, very competitive algal based ingredients and finished products for human, pet and aquaculture nutrition applications.

We operate under European and US FDA cGMP guidelines.

We have in-house capabilities for every step in the production process, starting with strain identification, selection and purification and finishing with the delivery of finished products to our global customers.

Learn more about Huvepharma at www.huvepharma.com


HuveNutra (Huvepharma’s) production facilities can be found in the following locations



  • Botevgrad
  • Peshtera
  • Razgrad


  • Saint-Étienne
  • Segré


  • Garessio


  • Longmont, Colorado
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Laurinburg, North Carolina
  • Van Buren, Arkansas
  • St. Louis, Missouri